Escort and tour-guide interpreters Kyrgyzstan

1 I offer inexpensive excursions in Karakol
I offer inexpensive excursions in Karakol
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Karakol
I will provide translation services in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. I offer inexpensive excursions. Having lived in France for 6 years, I speak fluent French! Oral and written translations, accompaniment. Tr...

5,600 som per hour
40,320 som per day

1 Looking for an inexpensive excursion in Osh?
Looking for an inexpensive excursion in Osh?
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Osh
Interpreter for negotiations and conferences in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Looking for an inexpensive excursion? Translation...

7,500 som per hour
54,000 som per day


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Escort and tour-guide interpreters - Kyrgyzstan

Escort interpreter as a local expert - Kyrgyzstan

If you plan to visit a foreign country and do not feel comfortable being surrounded by a language or culture that you do not understand, here you can find and hire an escort interpreter. The language barrier might be frustrating and difficult, especially in countries in which culture is totally different from the one you live in. These frustrations can be even worth if you are traveling for business negotiations without the help of a local expert.

Here you can find and hire an escort interpreter in Kyrgyzstan to accompany you in the city and translate everything that you say into the local language and vise versa. Basically, the escort interpreter is there to help you to understand and to communicate with others. An escort or travel interpreter is an assistant for all types of travel - business or leisure. Escort interpreters are usually considered to be informal local experts, and they can act as cultural guides, and if you like, they can take responsibility for many activities from ordering a taxi to closing high-volume business deals. This type of interpreting can also be helpful for any type of meeting like an interview, a sightseeing tour, helping visit a factory, city, to host an event, purchase a car, and so on.

An escort interpreter can be hired in Kyrgyzstan for a fair price for an individual or a small group of people. Depending on the exact escort location and duration, the price of an escort interpreter in Kyrgyzstan may vary from 100 to 500 EUR a day. To find the exact daily rates of the escort interpreters, you should consult the experts listed here. Escort interpreting is usually less formal than the other forms of interpreting and way cheaper compared to other types of formal interpreting.

Tour-guide interpreter - Kyrgyzstan

Visiting foreign countries for leisure is an excellent way to not only explore an area but also to experience the culture. If you plan a cultural visit, you may need a local expert to help you with a tour guiding. This is where the tour-guide interpreter may help you to guide a group traveling together in a foreign country, or a group of people at historic sites, museums, scenic locations, and other travel destinations in Kyrgyzstan.